CSE F0330113

Advanced Computer Architecture

Fall 2005

  Course Description

This course provides an in depth study of computer architecture techniques. Main topics include high speed computing techniquesshared memory multiprocessors, cache coherence, scalable multiprocessors, and interconnection networks. Upon completion of the course, the student should understand advanced computer architecture concepts.




Min-You Wu,伍民友


新建楼 3003








David Culler and J.P. Singh with Anoop Gupta, " Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach," ISBN 1-55860-343-3, Morgan Kaufmann, 1998.

 Reference book

John P. Hayes, "Computer Architecture and Organization," ISBN 0-07-027366-9, McGraw-Hill, 1988.


  Prerequisites by Topics

1. Computer organization and CPU design
2. Main memory organization and mapping schemes
3. Basic cache and memory hierarchy concepts
4. I/O devices and techniques
5. Pipelining and instruction flow
6. Knowledge on parallel programming is a plus

  Course Topics

1. Parallelism and Parallel architecture
2. Shared memory multiprocessors
3. Cache coherence
4. Scalable multiprocessors
5. Multithreaded architecture
6. Interconnection networks
7. Latency Tolerance

  Class Meeting

·        Classroom: D-302

·        Time: Friday 12:55-15:40

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