Fenggang WU




  • Software-based Green Proxy System for Wireless Networks
  • Collaborate with team members to construct an proxy framework that will make the wireless devices hibernate to save power while keep the services accessible by building virtual NICs and virtual images for the devices on the proxy server. Implement IP Phone and Web Camera application to test the power saving and service hosting performance of the system.

  • Android Mobile Phone Application
  • Collaborate with team members to develop an android application that can remind the user of daily schedule such as the laundry tasks. Implementation of back-end database management such as construction and maintenance.

  • Database Manage System
  • Lead a group to develop a database manage system in Java. Implement the file system and the record management.

  • Modern Complier Implementation in Java
  • Implement the compiler of Tiger language, including modules such as Lexer, Parser, Type Checker, Semantic Analysis, etc.

  • Micro-mouse Project (in Chinese)
  • Collaborate with team members to design a robot mouse that can explore the maze and find the way out. Design the global algorithm of finding the exit.





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