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Hi There.

I'm Bingchao.

I was born in Feb 1985, Hangzhou, China, P.R.

After finishing my undergraduate education in Computer Science and another program in Innovation and entrepreneurship at Zhejiang University,

I decided to come to Shanghai to see the most international city in the China, to learn from intellect and interesting people.

I am currently is a Master student(Advisor: Min-You Wu) at Wireless Sensor Network Lab, Shanghai Jiaotong University.


  • I'm a senior member of ASES(Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society), whose headquarters is located in Stanford University.
  • ASES is a Global Student Organization with established chapters at universities in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Zhejiang), Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States (Stanford University), and Canada.

  • I'm also a member of Nova-100.
  • Nova 100 is a network of a select number of very talented students. As a Nova 100 member, you become part of a valuable network that helps you establish strong and long-lasting relationships with some of the world's most interesting employers and support your continuous career development.


    Cofounder of (Campus SNS Website), from 2006.2 to 2006.11

    Former Marketing Director of (Free SMS Mobile Service), from 2006.12 to 2007.9

    Bootstrapper, Real-time Information Project, from 2007.12 to now

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  • ASES-Zhejiang Chapter
  • Nova Networks China

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